Jalebi Pendant

Jalebi Pendant



As a total foodie, I often curate pieces into the collection that remind me of my culinary favorites. Growing up my mom, an amazing cook and baker, would make the famous Bengali Jalebi for birthdays or special occasions. Orange in color and oh so sweet with a slight crunch, these sweets, also known as Jalebi, can be found throughout India and the Middle East. They are made by deep frying a wheat-flower batter in a pretzel or circular shape. Our bracelet mimics the shape and sweetness of this famous dessert treat! It's fun, flirty, and sure to add a little sass to any outfit!

-Sterling Silver

-Hand shaped

-Measures approximately 3/4" by 5/8"

-Total length measures approximately 1 1/4"

-Chain sold separately

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