Our Mission

Sikara & Co. mission is to bring the world closer together by celebrating global designs. We strive to discover unique and classic designs inspired from the globe, sharing the beauty of the world with our customers. Part of bringing the world closer together also means giving back to the communities of our customers and to the globe. We strive to build a company in which high standards are reflective in all aspects of our business including our team, operations, product and service while having fun!


Sikara is inspired from the Indian word, Shikara, which means houseboat. It symbolizes the journey we take in life which results in a fusion of experiences. As a teenager, founder Mousumi Shaw helped her mother, an immigrant from India, start up her own jewelry company in the United States. Fourteen years later, Mousumi decided to launch Sikara, which incorporates her passions for art, jewelry and other cultures.

She travels the world, where she works with her team of inspirational designers to create country collections. Through these international collections, Mousumi takes you on a voyage, sharing the culture and history of each country.

Sikara is Modern Fusion Jewelry™ and is a reflection of Mousumi's life as a first generation Indian-American. Although her ancestral roots are from India, she has been influenced by a multi-cultural world. Her travel and life experiences in over fourty countries have become engrained in her personality, her sense of style and the design of Sikara.

"Fusion" represents our lives in today's world. It is a blend of our past heritage and a new modern spirit. Sikara speaks to this fusion. As you'll see on the website, Sikara's sterling silver jewelry collection is elegant, powerful and a fusion of style. The 2012 Collection includes designs inspired from India, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

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