Gold Plated Four Leaf Flower Mix Tourmaline Bangle

Gold Plated Four Leaf Flower Mix Tourmaline Bangle



These limited edition Indian flower inspired bangles have four flowers set around the bangle. Each flower has a mix of four faceted cut tourmaline stones. 

The Power of Tourmaline Stones for Health and Wellness

Tourmaline stones are renowned for their powerful healing properties. They can purify and detoxify the body, promote relaxation, and boost the immune system. These vibrant stones are also said to enhance mental clarity, increase energy levels, and protect against negative energies. Whether worn as jewelry or used in other forms, tourmaline stones contribute to a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

-18K Gold Plated on top of Sterling Silver

-Stone: Mixed Tourmaline

-Cuff dimensions: 2.5" diameter; each flower is approximately.5" wide / long

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