Inspired by our travels around the world, find a country you love and take a little piece of it home with you! You'll love our uniquely styled earrings and won't find them anywhere else!
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Raqs Sharqui Earrings
Jaipuri Studs Green Onyx
Brushed Mantra Curved Earrings
Arabesque Swing Earrings - Brushed
Indian Peacock Earrings Blue Chalcedony
Brazilian Leaf Stone Drops Green Amethyst
18K Gold Plated Turning Twig Earrings
Battered Honey Comb Earrings
Euro Pin Drop Pearl Earrings Pink Pearl
Amazon Cluster and Dangle Earrings
Trek Dangle Earrings
Ram Earrings
Outlined Flower Stud
Bilbao Mosaic Pod Earrings
Gaudi Triangle Earrings
Onze Circulo Step Earrings
Thin Battered Concentric Earrings
Flower Studs
Brushed Gaudi Triangle Earrings
Tel Aviv Dot Earrings Turquoise
Tel Aviv Dot Earrings Lapis Lazuli
Capri Studs Labradorite
Capri Studs Iolite
Capri Studs White Moonstone

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