Inspired by our travels around the world, find a country you love and take a little piece of it home with you! You'll love our uniquely styled earrings and won't find them anywhere else!
Four Geometric Drop Earrings Labradorite
Small Square Gemstone Studs Labradorite
Amazonian Goldmine Studs Labradorite
Small Quartz with Brushed Top Earrings Labradorite
Capri Studs Labradorite
Budding Branch Earrings Labradorite
Brazilian Leaf Stone Drops Labradorite
Medium Hanging Puntino Earrings Labradorite
Framed Rounded Square Classic Earrings Labradorite
Gold Plated Side Hammered Indian Peacock Studs Labradorite and Rose Quartz
Vertical Stone Leaf Drop Earrings Labradorite
Peacock Chandeliers

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