Thin Step Ladder Bracelet

Thin Step Ladder Bracelet



During one of Mousumi's many visits to India, she snapped a photo of this boat while in her mother's home town of Chandannagar (35 kilometers north of Kolkata).  She loved the textures and patterns of the wooden boat which are reflected in the filaments of the bracelet. With almost 100 filaments of moveable, stacked silver rungs, the design of this bracelet is a stylized interpretation of the repeated forms.  Sleek and modern, this piece is the perfect everyday bracelet, molding comfortably to the wrist, much like a watch band. Available in either 7" or 8" lengths, this bracelet measure approximately 0.5" in width and is fastened with a slide closure.

-Sterling silver

-Hand hammered finish

-Flexible cuff 

-Dimensions: 7" or 8" long; .5" wide

-Groove and latch closure

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