Limited Edition Maharani Labradorite Collar

Limited Edition Maharani Labradorite Collar

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Fit for a queen, this incredible collar necklace features 48 individual labradorite stones, each glowing with scintillating shades of blue and green. Inspired by the Indian peacock, each setting has a unique organic shape and hammered finish, adding to the level of detail and intrigue. This regal necklace is surprisingly light, meaning it can be worn all night without worry. 

The Peacock, the National Bird of India, is the symbol of integrity, grace, pride and beauty. In Sanskrit it’s translated as मयूर Mayūra, and considered one of the sacred birds in Hindu mythology and folktales. See Mousumi's photo that inspired it!

-18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver

-Stone: Labradorite

-Collar Dimensions: 3.25" long at center; 6.5" approximate width

-Length, adjustable up to 18"

-Hook and eye closure

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