Yoga Inspired Collection

We designed this collection to capture the bliss and spirituality of yoga.  Namaste.

Classic Silver Swirly Earrings
From $50 - $140
Criss Cross Chakra Pendant
Brazilian Espada Earrings
Modern Chakra Pendant
Seven Chakra Pendant
Rainbow Chakra Pendant
Bilbao Bean Stud
Three Leaf Amazon Earrings
Gold Plated Brazilian Espada Earrings
Bavarian Brushed Heart Earrings
Bilbao Structured Stud
"Peace is Love" - Camp 72 Pendant & Chain
Satin Hammered Hamsa Necklace
Chakra Tree Pendant
Mexico Flower Studs
Brushed Mini Swirly with Ball Earrings
Gold Plated Seven Chakra Pendant
Gold Plated Criss Cross Chakra Pendant
Gold Plated Modern Chakra Pendant
Gold Plated Rainbow Chakra Pendant
18k Gold Plated Mexico Flower Studs
18k Gold Plated Brushed Mini Swirly with Ball Earrings

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