Stumped? Here are a few of our top choices for this Valentine's Day!
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Classic Silver Swirly Earrings
From $40 - $98
Brushed Bilbao Sculptured Drops
3 Cluster 3 Stone Italian Necklace
Limited Edition Gaudi Cuff Lapis Lazuli and Kaynite
Grande Amazon River Rock Bracelet Black Rutile Quartz
BAM! Cufflinks
Bilbao Sculptured Bangle
Brazilian Concentric Seed Leaf Earrings
Brazilian Leaf Stone Drops Amethyst
Brazilian Leaf Stone Drops Aqua Chalcedony
Brazilian Leaf Stone Drops Green Amethyst
Acoustic Guitar Cufflinks
Capri Large Stackable Square Ring Aqua Chalcedony
Capri Large Stackable Square Ring Green Onyx
Capri Large Stackable Square Ring Rough Cut Ruby
Crescendo Bracelet
Criss Cross Chakra Pendant
Da Vinci Four Prong Capri Cocktail Ring Lemon Topaz
Faceted 17 Stone Capri Long Necklace Aqua Chalcedony
Floating Oval Pietra Necklace Green Amethyst
Floating Oval Pietra Necklace Labradorite
Rose Gold Plated Gaudi Interlocking Necklace
Gaudi Interlocking Necklace
Gold Plated Four Oval Jaipuri Stone Bangle Aqua Chalcedony

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