Known for our rings, we have a range of design aesthetics from classic to bold.  There's bound to be a ring that is the right fit for you!  If we don't have a size in stock, message us at hello@sikara.com and we can likely do a complimentary sizing for you!
Amazon Stacking Leaf Ring Labradorite
Bilbao Stacking Ring Blue Topaz
Jungle Trek Ring White Moonstone
Honeycomb Ring with Golden Bee
Non Connect Trek Ring Iolite
Milano Filo Stone Band Ruby and Rose Quartz
Milano Filo Stone Band Peridot and Iolite
Capri Small Circle Ring Black Rutile Quartz
Italian Step Ladder with Stone Ring Green Amethyst
Modern Paisley Cocktail Ring Aqua Chalcedony 7
Modern Paisley Cocktail Ring Blue Chalcedony 7

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