Inspired by our travels around the world, find a country you love and take a little piece of it home with you! You'll love our uniquely styled necklaces and see why our jewelry is so special. 
Art Deco Necklace with Brushed Discs
Jalebi Necklace
Rose Gold Plated Leaf Pendant and Chain
Milano Fino Beaded Necklace
Matte Single Arabesque Disc with Chain
Brushed Arabesque Swing Necklace
Berlin Bird Nest Necklace
Geometrische Dimensionale Necklace
Casa Mila Collar
Single Line Raqs Necklace
Rose Gold Plated Art Deco Necklace with Brushed Discs
Ipanema Loops Necklace
Python Ular Double-Sided Necklace
Python Ular Necklace
Leaf Pendant and Chain
Gaudi Interlocking Necklace
Bloom Flower Lariat Necklace
Rechtech Necklace
Spanish Sculptured Waterfall Pendant
Bird of Paradise Necklace

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