Our Indonesia Collection is inspired by the island of Sumatra and all the animals and nature found there.  We also have a Balinese Collection inspired by the famous bali silver ball studded jewelry.
Sumatra Tusk Pendant
Sumatra Teardrop Earrings Grey Moonstone
Oxidized Bali Stacking Ring
Bali Stacking Ring
Mini Bali Studs
Flat Bali Temple Discs
Bali Star Studs
Bali Stone Studs Amethyst
Bali Stone Studs Garnet
Bali Stone Studs Labradorite
Bali Stone Studs Lapis Lazuli
Bali Stone Studs Peridot
Bali Stone Studs Turquoise
Bali Stone Studs White Moonstone
Bali Stone Studs White Pearl
Bali Temple Studs
Bali Three Dot Lines Band
Python Ular Double-Sided Necklace
Python Drop Earrings
Bali Stacking Ring with Stone Turquoise Size 7.25
Sumatra Teardrop Earrings Green Onyx
Komodo Dragon Pendant
Jungle Trek Ring White Moonstone

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