Our new German Collection is inspired by the modern artistic city of Berlin.  This collection is defined by minimalist architectural designs.  Our Bavaria Collection is inspired by castles and Oktoberfest (pretzels and hearts)!
Berlin Bird Nest Necklace
Geometrische Dimensionale Necklace
Geometrische Dreiecke Earrings
Dot Pin Earrings
Double Circle Pin Dangle Stud Earrings
Rechtwinkelig Swirly
Bavarian Pretzel Love Knot Ring
Pretzel Knot Earrings
Pretzel Love Knot Pendant
Berlin Wall Ring
From $145 - $165
Berlin Angular Bracelet
Single Rectangle Bracelet
Bavarian Brushed Heart Earrings
Small Criss Cross Oktoberfest Heart Pendant
Die Architektur Swirly
Brushed Double Circle Pin Stud Dangle Earrings
Brushed Rechtwinkelig Swirly
Bisector Earrings
Hoop and Bar Convertible Earrings
Berlin Angular Drops
German Building Earrings with No Stones
Gold Plated Brushed Double Circle Pin Earrings
Rose Gold Plated Pretzel Knot Earrings
Rose Gold Plated Brushed Double Circle Pin Earrings
Brushed Double Circle Pin Earrings

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