Chakra and Wellness

Criss Cross Chakra Pendant
Rainbow Chakra Pendant
Seven Chakra Pendant
Floating Oval Pietra Necklace Citrine
Iceland Rectangle Stacking Ring Citrine
Jaipuri Studs Citrine
Single Stack Jaipuri Ring with Stones Citrine
Small Rectangular Pendant Citrine
Guntha Ring Mixed Stones
Gaudi Gemstone Studs Citrine
Chakra Tree Pendant
Medium Hanging Puntino Earrings Citrine
Small Square Gemstone Studs Citrine
Small Quartz with Brushed Top Earrings Citrine
Chakra Chandeliers
Bombay Chakra Pendant
Capri Studs Citrine
Bilbao Stacking Ring Citrine

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