Ah Brazil! It was like love at first sight! It is a country that seems to have it all.  Our Brazilian collection is as diverse as its namesake, boasting designs fit for the glitz of Rio and as organic as the Amazon itself. 

Our Rio collection is inspired by the glamour and explosive energy of this lively city with its lavish carnival celebrations, Samba dancing traditions. and splendid beaches. The mosaic sidewalks of Ipanema and Copacabana are beautifully woven into the line. 

The Amazon collection highlights the incredible biodiversity found in the Amazon. These designs capture the natural beauty of the animals and flora of the rainforest in texture, pattern, form, and design. 

Amazonian Goldmine Studs Labradorite
Budding Branch Earrings Labradorite
Amazon Stacking Leaf Ring Labradorite
Brazilian Leaf Stone Drops Labradorite
Gold Plated Brazilian Raindrop Pendant Green Amethyst
Gold Plated Brazilian Raindrop Pendant Labradorite

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