Inspired by our travels around the world, find a country you love and take a little piece of it home with you! You'll love our uniquely styled bracelets. 
Thin Step Ladder Bracelet
Berlin Angular Bracelet
Schlicht Cuff
Rose Gold Plated Schlicht Cuff
Gold Plated Schlicht Cuff
Brushed Schlicht Cuff
Holy Cow Cuff
Single Rectangle Bracelet
Bilbao Wave Bracelet
Dangle Disc Bracelet
Six Multi Habimah Square Stacked Bracelet
Arabesque Cuff
Gold Plated Rechtech Cuff
Jalebi Swirl Circle Bracelet
Bilbao Loop Cuff
Silver Wire Mesh Bracelet
Three Collective Bangles (Brushed)
Thick Step Ladder Mantra Bracelet
Single Link Bilbao Bracelet

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