Best Sellers

It is hard for us to pick our favorites, so we left it up to our wonderful customers! Here are our best selling pieces!
Classic Silver Swirly Earrings
From $50 - $140
Brushed Bilbao Sculptured Drops
Brushed Bilbao Twist Ring
Arana Ring
Milano Filo Wrap Ring
Brazil Amazon Leaf Wrap Ring
Bilbao Open Asymmetric Ring
Brushed Gaudi Four Dot Hugger Ring
Outstanding Leaf Cuff Ring
Brushed Silver Swirly Earrings
From $55 - $145
Brushed 18k Gold Plated Swirly Earrings
From $85 - $235
Classic 18k Gold Plated Swirly Earrings
From $80 - $225
Classic Rose Gold Plated Swirly Earrings
From $80 - $180
Brushed Rose Gold Plated Swirly Earrings
Jalebi Necklace
Six Multi Habimah Square Stacked Ring
Egyptian Raqs Sharqui Earrings
Bilbao Three Square Angular Pendant
Bilbao Sculptured Bangle
Rose Gold Plated Jalebi Earrings
Bilbao Angular Rectangular Ring
Thin Step Ladder Bracelet
Indian Linen Circle Earrings
Matter of Time Loop Earrings
Geometrische Dreiecke Earrings
Jalebi Earrings
Brazilian Concentric Seed Leaf Earrings
Bilbao Bean Stud
18k Gold Plated Jalebi Earrings
Double Circle Pin Dangle Earrings
Rose Gold Plated Art Deco Necklace with Brushed Discs
Rose Gold Plated Brazilian Espada Earrings
Small Arabesque Lantern Earrings
Rose Gold Plated Egyptian Raqs Sharqui Earrings
Bird of Paradise Necklace
Bilbao Loop Cuff
Matte Paisley Earrings (Small)
Nirvana Turning Twig Earrings
Bold Amazon Leaf Earrings
Three Collective Bangles (Brushed)
Grande Flamenco Flor Ring
Thick Step Ladder Mantra Bracelet
Brazilian Espada Earrings
Bilbao Sculptured Drops
Gaudi Interlocking Necklace
Silver Stranded Bracelet

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